During the ageing process the skin starts to lose collagen and elasticity. This results in wrinkles in the forehead and excess folds of skin in the jaw and cheek areas. There are many non-surgical procedures on the market which may be an alternative to surgery, such as Botoxä and dermal fillers. However, a facelift will usually provide the most effective solution if there are several areas of the face which need attention including lax skin and heavy jowls. The procedure will give a long-lasting smooth, fresh and firm appearance to the skin.

During the procedure the patient is under a general anaesthetic, so is asleep throughout the operation. The scars are carefully hidden behind the ears or in the hairline and fade over time. The operation takes between 2-4 hours, and 2-3 nights stay in hospital is required. There is bruising and swelling for approximately two weeks, and the stitches are removed after 7-10 days.

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