Fat transfer

Coleman fat transfer procedures are used in cosmetic plastic surgery to improve facial contour, smooth hands, fill wrinkles and add volume as well as create more shapely,curvaceous buttocks and in some cases, enlarge breasts.

A liposuction cannula or needle and syringe may be used to harvest fat cells from one part of the body where an excess exists, and then placed in areas where volume is needed. After removal, the fat cells are centrifuged to allow separation of intact cells from the ones that have been damaged.

Over correction may be needed to allow for re-absorption. Results are long lasting and up to 50% of the fat transferred can persist permanently. This procedure can be performed under a local or general anaesthetic depending on the extent of the procedure.

For more information on Coleman Fat transfer (also called lipofilling or lipostructure) see www.paulebanwell.com

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