Retinol / Retinoic Acid

Retinol is a type of Vitamin A, which is very beneficial to humans. It is a fat- soluble antioxidant vitamin.. Vitamin A is converted from food substances by the body and is essential for vision and skin health. All retinoid forms of vitamin A can be used in medical grade skin care but potential problems with skin sensitivity can occur. Retinoic Acid (Tretinoin) may be used in the treatment of acne as a topical cream; a derivative of this (Roaccutane) may be used orally to treat severe cases.

Cosmeceuticals use derivatives of vitamin A due to their anti-ageing properties. Vitamin A is absorbed through the skin, it increases cell turnover and thickens the epidermis. Vitamin A also stimulates collagen production, giving a more youthful appearance. Mr Banwell recommends a particularly potent yet stable and non-sensitising form of vitamin A, RETINALDEHYDE, which is available from the Rationale Skincare range. Ask the office for details.

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