Vitamin supplements

To a certain extent, what we eat is reflected in our skin. An unhealthy diet without vital vitamins and anti-oxidants can leave the skin looking sallow and unhealthy. Some people find that taking other vitamin supplements can improve the appearance of texture of the skin.

For example:

Fish and Flaxseed oils

Fish and flaxseed oils can help us to moisturize our skin. How? They contain essential fatty acids. When we take these acids orally they travel to our skin cells and can even act as a barrier against the environment.

Antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, and green tea

Antioxidants are essential for good health. They neutralize free radicals and can even repair cell damage, which can help reverse the signs of ageing and previous sun damage.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been used for several years in the treatment of acne, and the active ingredients are also shown to smooth out wrinkles and increase collagen thus restoring texture.

Vitamin B

Helps the body in many ways and protects the skin


Zinc is required for normal epidermal cell growth


A potent anti-oxidant which protects the skin against damaging free-radicals

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